There are so many ways to reach out to others. How we do that will be different for all of us. Sometimes those ways fall into our lap from unexpected sources. That is what happened to me early in 2008 when I first learned about Playmakers Mentoring Foundation in Sacramento CA.

Born out of the passion in one man's heart, this program literally teaches hundreds and hundreds of at risk kids how to play by the rules, to respect others and themselves, and how to be a good citizen and a leader in their community. Greg "Coach Roz" Roeszler and his dedicated team of assistant coaches do this through the high school football teams they coach and the free football camps the Playmakers organization offers throughout the state.

Kids are coming off the streets and out of gangs to be part of this amazing outreach, and it isn't just the kids that benefit from this. Coach Roz holds frequent Coaching for Character Clinics, so other coaches will know how to do what he is doing. We've even begun writing books for coaches and parents (see below) where we talk about kids and coaches who are doing the right thing when no one is looking.

Playmakers is active in Omaha now, too. We’re holding coaching clinics, free camps, and we’ve started up the Captain’s Club, which is the mentoring arm of Playmakers. People are embracing our program because we are offering a safe haven for kids through the medium of sports. Kids are learning about character, values and leadership, while developing self-esteem and respect for others. And they are doing all this while having fun.

Playmakers is spreading across the country. If you’d like to know how you can be part of this amazing outreach, just go to and click on “Get Involved,” or you can contact Coach Roz directly at 916-220-1284, or

More Than a Game

More Than a Game

“When Coach Roz opened his heart to a larger cause, it not only changed the lives of countless at-risk children, it changed him, too. Candidly and openly, he shares how those changes came about, admitting (perhaps even confessing) his shortcomings and how he learned to use those perceived faults to bring his coaching – and his character – up to another level.

As you walk with Roz through his story, you’ll see how he teaches his students to be winners, regardless of the score. You’ll hear him talk about real character and true integrity. You’ll learn about the non-negotiable priorities he teaches his Playmakers.

As you read about his players’ lives and their challenges, you’ll see how leading with compassion changed the trajectory of these young people and made it possible for them to learn how to be responsible citizens and have a better life. You see, being a Playmaker isn’t just for the short time they are in high school. It’s a way of life, and that relationship reaches far beyond the school years – both for the kids they work with and for the men who coach them.

Guaranteed to touch your heart, this book is like a road map for successful coaching that reaches far beyond the scoreboard.”


“This is the authentic Greg speaking from his heart and experiences. The details and story are so emotionally grabbing that it speaks for itself. This book is Vintage Greg. I am thumbs up all the way.”

   —Dan Maust, Campus and Regional Minister and Director for Campus Crusade for Christ, International; former Athletes in Action Director in Michigan and California; former Detroit Lions Chaplain.


“I first met Greg as a goofy high school senior in 2005 when I tried out as a quarterback at Sacramento High School. We quickly developed a relationship grounded in mutual respect, active communication, and genuine care. Those qualities allowed our relationship to grow from player/coach to father/son and has survived the test of time.

I enlisted in the Navy after my senior season, but the core of that one season together has enabled a life-long familial bond. He’s been in my corner for over 17 years, through countless deployments, cross-country moves, getting married, and building a family.

I’ve been fortunate to serve with some of the best our country has to offer, but few exist in the rarified air Greg breathes every day – that of a selfless, humble servant. He genuinely opens his heart and home to complete strangers and expects nothing in return.

They say each generation stands on the shoulders of giants. I am just one of many who were lucky enough to stand upon his.”

   —LT Jason Martz, USN, in Everett, Washington


“I spent 28 years as a police officer, followed by 9 years teaching high school and middle school – primarily physical education. I wish I had read Coach Roz’ book BEFORE I began my second career in education and BEFORE I started coaching football. I realized, too late, that many of my students were kids that Roz talks about in his book – kids without fathers in their lives; kids living in poverty; kids with no direction; kids who have never known “family.” I encountered many of these kids on the street as a police officer.

This book is great for anyone coaching youth or high school football, or any sport, and for those teaching these kids in classrooms. You can be the difference in their lives. Coach Roz shares how this can happen in More Than a Game. I highly recommend reading this book, using his methods to coach/teach the kids, and sharing these principles with others. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.”

   —Dan Moody, Former Law Enforcement Officer; former Teacher and Coach; U.S. Naval Reserves for 24 years


“More Than a Game reminds us coaches of why we do what we do. We can get lost in the chasing of rings, banners and accolades and forget we are there to – at a minimum – positively impact young people. The challenges of an inner city program extend way beyond the gridiron. This read should inspire those of us who enjoy more favorable circumstances to find ways to bless those less fortunate.”

   —Terry Richards, Civil Engineer; Youth & High School Football Coach for 20 years


“I wish I could have applied Greg’s coaching philosophy when I was a young coach. I would have been a better coach and mentor, and my players would have become better young men.

Greg is really making a difference. The game of football is blessed because Greg is part of it.

The book was fantastic. It touched my heart on many levels. I am so proud of him and honored to call him my brother.

   —Rudy Castellanos, former high school and junior college teacher and football coach; San Francisco firefighter for 30 years, retired as Assistant Deputy Chief

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Beyond Coaching: Building Character and Leadership

Beyond Coaching

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This book offers fresh new ways to change the direction of a young person’s life – as well as your own. You’ll learn about the awesome power of a coach and a mentor, both for a child and for the whole community.

Coach Roz and Harrison Phillips share their stories and philosophies with the sincere hope that their message will inspire readers to join them in changing kids’ lives for the better.

This is not a pick up and put down type of book. It is a game plan that can change the direction of a kid’s life.

Sometimes you read a book that inspires you to take life-changing action. This is that book!

Coaching Character and Leadership

In his own unique way, Coach Roz shares 22 Practical Quotes which he uses to teach today’s youth what it means to be a person of character. Coach Roz tells how his Playmakers program offers a clear base of support for parents who have the difficult task of raising their kids alone. Included are tips about:

· The importance of praise and affirmation
· What real character looks like
· Rules and expectations
· Priorities
· Being accountable

Laced with humor and undergirded by his passion for helping lost kids, every page is a gem that is bound to touch the reader’s heart.

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With Coach Roz, success in life starts on the playing field, where kids learn lessons that last a lifetime.
Now you can learn Coach Roz's methods so you, too, can coach for that bigger win - at home and at school, as well as on the field. Whether you are a coach, a teacher, or a parent, here is a way to build your team while building kids' character. In this book, Coach Roz gives you 22 easy-to-follow rules for:
*Getting in the game
*Keeping the game in perspective
*Balancing studies with sports
*Building family (especially helpful for single parents)
*Learning to be a responsible citizen
...and much more that will help you teach our youth important life lessons. Whether you're a parent, a teacher, or a coach, this book is for you!
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The Grow With Guidance Educational Program

ALL SUCCEED when we Grow With Guidance! Grow With Guidance is a proven, forward-thinking, systematic approach that improves our vision of education and empowers ALL students for success. GWG materials outline a high quality, affordable, user-friendly, and valuable plan for schools to lay the foundation for academic progress and success, drug-free and safe schools, school-to-career, character education, invitational education and much more.

GWG creates opportunities for students, pre-K-12 and beyond, to have experiences and develop skills needed by all throughout life. Personal, social, emotional, and behavioral skills provide the balance with academic skills for the whole student to develop in a healthy way. The System components include positive behavior management, self-talk and self-pictures, and staff and student skill building. Families can incorporate these concepts in their routines and interactions at home. All components include a unique self-concept process called the self-concept series, along with ways to measure results and change.

The Grow With Guidance Series includes a research report that documents 35 years of research results, all the components, plans, assessments, and formulas necessary to make a significant difference in the climate, experiences, and life skills for ALL.

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