I believe in you. I believe you have it within you to live from your highest and best.

Your soul is as a light within you, guiding you upon this, the path of your earthly journey. No matter how difficult, no matter how challenging, ultimately that journey will be seen as good, for our most difficult challenges lead to our greatest triumphs.

You are as beautiful as the farthest shining star. You are a child of the light, and the essence of that light is love. You are love. As you come to know that, as you come to be that, you will find a joy which cannot be taken from you.

So as you move through what each day brings, know that you are not alone, that you are being guided every step of the way. Always you are moving closer to your heart's deepest desire, for you are on a voyage of the spirit. Where that will take you, you have not even begun to dream.

I believe in you. With all my heart, I believe in you.


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