From Grief to Joy Accolades

“An inspirational book about personal transformation and evolution.” - Dr. Deepak Chopra

“Donna’s story is an elegant illustration of how to recognize that, despite how it may seem, the world around you is not coming apart; it is just the turbulence that is necessary to project you into the next level of life. Do not be afraid of what this life brings you. Use it, and know that in the realm of uncertainty, your destiny is found. Donna walks this path. She has experienced it first hand, and her message is a powerful communication inspired by practice. Upon finishing this book, you will know more than you imagined possible about the power of life, faith, love and compassion.” – From the Foreword by Dr. David Morehouse, Founder of Remote Viewing Technologies, and author of Psychic Warrior.

“Donna’s story demonstrates how we can all transform the challenges that are thrown in our path into life altering opportunities. Rather than succumbing to the inaction of sorrow, Donna’s courage, determination and achievements are an inspiration to us all. I feel privileged to be part of her journey.” – Roger Gabriel, Meditation Guide

“Donna has done much research, much soul searching, and has learned to find beauty in all the things that have happened. Like so many of us, she has discovered that grief is circular, not linear. You need to go around with it more than once, but it becomes a widening circle each time you go through it. Donna has done this and, like the caterpillar, she came through her losses transformed. This book is a work of art and love. Highly recommended.” - The Very Rev. Lea Marshall, retired.

“This is a heart-touching story of transformation that is both endearing and powerful!” -

Jonathan Goldman, Founder of the International Sound Healers Association and author of Healing Sounds

“Just when you think you know it all, you meet a Donna Miesbach and find out that starting over isn’t all bad. She’s given me new glasses to see the world through. She’s given me new perspectives to look at almost every issue, and she’s filled me up with a passion to start looking at things differently. I’m lucky to call her my friend.” - David Humm, Former NE Husker & Oakland Raider, currently broadcasting Oakland Raiders football games.

“Donna changes people’s lives for the better. I have the privilege of knowing Donna personally and, at very special times, she gives me glimpses into her magnificent soul. These are precious times when she does this, as she teaches me much. By Donna writing this book, she has pulled back the curtain of her soul to many. Why she has chosen to share the most personal parts of her life with strangers, I believe, is due to her desire to love and heal others. That is part of who Donna is, and healing flows from her. To read this book is your gift from her, and a gift from above. You will get a piece of one of God’s most beautiful women.” – Greg “Coach Roz” Roeszler, Founder & Executive Director, Playmakers Mentoring Foundation

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